First impressions are everything–don’t waste yours. The right display will make you stand out from the competition and will draw your customers in. It doesn’t matter if you are in a mom-and-pop store or a big-box retailer, you need to communicate your brand identity and your product message – and fast. A point-of-purchase display (or P.O.P.) consists of a custom designed fixture that increases sales and the effectiveness of your in-store promotion, as well as to highlight your product. Typcially, P.O.P. displays range from window and counter displays, floor stands and fixtures, to brand banners with your logo and identifying visuals. P.O.P. are designed to demand the attention of your customer, and to be engaging and eye-catching.

Evolve has been working with brands like yours for over decade and our proven process of point-of-purchase displays will strengthen your brand’s presence at retail, ultimately increasing your sales.

Here are the steps we will take in making your next project a success:

 1 | Collaboration – Simply put, the best creative results come from getting to know your brand and your products. From the beginning it is important for us to have a conversation about how we can solve your particular problems. Working and communicating together as a team throughout the entire process is critical to achieving success. This collaboration will ensure that your brand is very present in the final result.

2 | Research – Passion can fuel creativity, and we believe that significant research should be invested into each client that we engage with. We will get to know your customers, we will check in on your store locations, and we will try out (and eventually fall in love with) your products. Combine this with our team’s valuable retail experience, and we’ve got what we need to get started creating the next best thing to help you sell your products, and sell them well.

3 | Ideation – You’ve worked hard to launch your product, and we will work hard to give it a home at retail. We will never take the easy way out and just have you pick from a catalog of pre-designed, cookie-cutter displays fixtures. No matter the scope of the project, we start every new POP challenge with a sketch. Why wouldn’t we? This is sort of the best part. Ideation sets the tone and direction for the entire program and helps us to combine function and style with your brand character.

4 | Design – It’s time for our ideas to come to life. We will show you 3D models, prototypes, and material samples, giving you the chance to see exactly what your display will look and feel like. This is the perfect time to sort of ‘try it on’ and see how it feels. What works? What doesn’t? We want you to love your display, after all, and we don’t want to move on to the next phase until we know we’ve nailed it. After we have presented the prototypes and models to you, we will make the final design tweaks and engineering revisions. Working together we will finalize your design and then we are ready to take on the next phase, production.

What makes us different?

We are an efficient group of resourceful people who understand that success requires passion and lasting relationships require dedication. Our combined decades of retail experience have taught us that the best results come from unrestrained creativity, strategic thinking and a let’s-make-it happen mentality.


Would you like to learn more about how our process has brought success to the companies we work with?


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