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These days brands and retailers are facing a tough time captivating the interest and acquisition of today’s shoppers. Retailers have their work cut out for them when it comes to competing with the ever-increasing practice of shopping online or with mobile phones and devices. The world of retail is going through significant changes, and many retailers are coming to realize that shoppers can’t be “bought” over by smart marketing campaigns or points-based reward programs to increase foot traffic, thus sales, in their store. Now more than ever, brands and retailers are coming to find out that they need to develop an extensive and strategically-based process that meets the core needs of today’s shoppers. To do this, merchants need to adapt. To do so, they must enhance their shoppers’ experience.

PSFK.com, an online resource and hub that provides creative and marketing professionals with ideas and information on trends in the retail industry wrote an e-book called, “10 Pillars Delivering the New Shopper Experience.” We found the content very useful and decided to use it to connect each pillar with a point-of-purchase display we’ve designed successfully for our customers.

Many reports indicate that brick-and-mortar shopping is dead, soon to be taken out by its competitor–online shopping. However, we don’t think that’s true. We believe that in-store and physical shopping are only evolving. According to a study by A.T. Kearny:

90% of all retail sales are transacted in stores and 95% of all retail sales are captured by retailers with a brick-and-mortar presence.

We know that for retailers to adapt, the shoppers’ needs should be met by increased value, meaningful interactions, and engagement at every point of the buyer’s cycle. And it all starts with an engaging retail display to showcase your product! Each fixture feature in this post we designed through the ideation and collaboration with a brand we’re proud to call partners. Together, we were able to increase engagement, repeat sales, increase word-of-mouth, and create a lifetime of brand loyalty.

The ten pillars (and our displays) delivering the new shopper experience are:

#1 – Creating Confidence: Evolve + Easton Hit Lab Collection

Ensuring your customer feels confident about the product and the purchase they made is key to creating brand loyalty. Our friends at Easton Sports did just that when they created their Hit Lab Collection consisting of high-tech gear and training aids to help players maximize their practice time to reach peak performance when stepping up to the plate.

We collaborated with our friends at Easton to design and create an endcap retail display program implemented in Sports Authority stores all across the U.S. that not only was a hit because it was eye-catching but also a hit because it featured Easton’s latest gear from their Hit Lab Collection in such an innovative way. The display was interactive, featuring a 10″ LCD screen and interactive content. The display also created confidence in the brand because the information was delivered in a unique and inviting way, allowing the consumer to learn and discover ways they could capture, analyze and improve their game.

#2 – Eliminating Obstacles: Evolve + DirecTV

We were able to target early adopters of the latest technology through the fixtures we designed for DirecTV. Shoppers who were not actively searching for a new provider were captivated by the interactive display, which was designed to showcase content as well as the capability to learn more about the brand and its services. Additionally, the display acted as a workstation for in-store sales reps allowing them to interact and educate consumers on channels and pricing. By doing this, consumers had no obstacles when trying to learn more about the brand or the product. Gathering info and pricing is easy, allowing the shopper to feel confident in their purchase decisions.

#3 – Democratizing Access: Evolve + Woolrich

Woolrich designs durable sportswear and comfortable, stylish outwear for both men and women.  The brand is an American icon. They design thick, warm and comfy wool blankets at an exclusive price. We designed the freestanding fixture with wire shelving allowing the blankets to drape, allowing the consumer to engage and observe the product’s quality and colors. We chose this, rather than the traditional method of folding the blankets because it would mean they are less likely to be seen or touched by the consumer. The blankets were folded and hung in a way that allowed customers to appreciate the high-quality of soft wool and the various options of patterns that would make a bold statement in any home.

#4 – Recognizing & Personalizing Based on Consumer Needs: Evolve + Peak Design

The fixtures we designed for Peak meet this pillar because of Peak’s ability to produce products based on the preferences and behaviors of their target audience after carefully considering the consumer’s needs to take their camera and gadgets just about anywhere they desire. It can be pretty hard when you’re lugging a camera and other must-have equipment around the great outdoors, exploring nature and finding yourself wanting to take an impressive landscape shot. These are the considerations Peak Design kept in mind with designing their gear. The display allowed consumers to recognize and obtain the full scope of the different personalized accessories for purchase.

#5 – Promote Transparency: Evolve + Jambu

We’ve been enjoying our collaborations with Jambu since 2010.  Over the course of 6 years, we’ve designed several unique fixtures made from reclaimed wood that focuses on their brand and their line of eco-friendly footwear styles. The latest footwear ten series we designed corresponds with the new campaign Jambu has been embarking to help protect the rainforests. Because Jambu’s story itself is drawn from the inspiration of the rainforest, namely the Jambu tree, we knew the campaign and the transparency of the brand should be reflected in the display.

#6 – Perfect Partnerships: Evolve + Thule + Subaru

Thule has been a valued customer of ours for quite some time. We’ve always enjoyed our collaborations and the cool displays we’ve designed with them for their outdoor enthusiast customers. Recently Thule and Subaru partnered up to bring the hitch racks and carrier products to the dealerships. We couldn’t think of a better partnership! And guess who was the chosen display designer for this fun collaboration? Yeah, it was us–good guess.

#7 – Optimizing Ownership: Evolve + Teragren 

The folks over at Teragren allowed their consumers the ability to optimize ownership with our freestanding display that showcases the different types of flooring options available in different stains, textures, woods, and finishes. Complete with the display were informational guides allowing the customer to learn more about what type of products they were going to be buying and installing in their home. Also, by doing so, we created confidence that the customer didn’t have before entering the store and choosing the wood flooring of their choice.

#8 – Cultivating Community: Evolve + Harley-Davidson 

Harley-Davidson is the epitome of community. No one achieves a sense of community as good as Harley can! All across the world, Harley owners gather for festivals and shows to show off their true love for the brand by wearing head-to-toe Harley-Davidson gear. We think we nailed it with our last Harley-Davidson Footwear displays. But we don’t want to reveal too much about what we did just yet. You’ll have to subscribe to our case study subscribe list to see the big reveal! 

#9 – Encouraging Advocacy: Evolve + Nutrience

With the many pet food brands out there, sometimes you’re just not sure what you’re buying. With our two pup employees, Jack, and Sadie, we’re brand advocates for companies who are committed to only what’s healthy and natural. Nutrience promotes their product as pet food made with a purpose. Their products are made with quality ingredients backed by ‘No Bad Anything’ promise, and we were excited when we were able to design retail displays to showcase their products and their commitment to dedicated pet owners.

#10 – Delivering Delight: Evolve + Popticals 

What can we say? The folks over at Popticals just had a really cool idea and away they went delivering delight through what PSFK.com says is “the combination of perfect and unexpected.” How many times have you gone skiing, and when done for the day, got into your car and realized only after hearing a–CRUNCH–that you just totally sat on your expensive designer sunglasses, and now they’re broke. Please say we’re not the only ones who have done this! We created a series of floor displays that showcased the Poptical sunglasses in a pretty delightful way. The display was designed with several racks that have the ability to slide out of the side allowing the customer to try on the pair they liked best, in addition to checking themselves out in the mirror on the header lit by an LCD screen.

Are you ready to start enhancing the value, interactions, and engagement of your brand, products or services through the implementation of the ten ways to deliver the new shopper experience? Phew, that was a mouthful! If you are, it all starts with an engaging retail display.

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