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Execution is key to success. So you’ve spent months sifting through ideas and evaluating concepts and you’ve settled on a winner. Now what? Well now you need to turn it over to the production experts and wait for 6-8 weeks for everything to come to life right? How do you stay connected throughout the process to make sure things are being done to your exact specifications? Having a proven system and a talented team to manage ALL of the details is critical to making a project a success. Communication is paramount keep your stress level at a minimum blood pressure down. We at Evolve Group have put together key processes and tasks that enable us to make every project we work on become a success. We would like to share with you what we learned, and how we do it.


Each project is a collaboration, so in order to involve your client in the process you should communicate through daily production meetings, shared master schedules, in-process photos and file sharing. Tools such as Google Docs, Basecamp, and Microsoft SharePoint allows your team to organize and share information, drawings, material orders, design concepts, quotes and estimates with everyone on the team. Because it allows real-time access to all files, it enables your to closely manage changes and updates. Constant communication ensures that problems are caught and resolved before they become a major problem.


It is important to build and maintain solid relationships with the vendors that you use for production. Our relationships with domestic and global manufacturers allow us to be incredibly flexible with budget, materials, distribution and timing. This all ensures that quality is maintained throughout the entirety of the project.


Understanding that a successful project means great design and flawless execution is critical. That is why it is important to keep a close eye on every step of production. As an example, this is our typical approach:

  • First we develop initial Statement of Work with control drawings.
  • We provide detailed engineering drawings, material lists, and sample boards.
  • Then, during production we start with an approved model.
  • Throughout the process the parts being produced are checked against the model several times per day.
  • We also implement independent third party inspections.


Warehousing can be an element of production that can significantly affect the cost both in time and shipping costs. For us, we can manage warehousing and distribution either from factory locations overseas or regional locations on the West Coast and Midwest, effectively lowering shipping costs and providing faster delivery times to our customers.


Keeping customers in the loop with their orders goes back to good communication and managing expectations. For our customers we have developed a secure web-based ordering system that allows them to access real-time inventory reports and order history. The system also provides email confirmations and order tracking. We can also implement programs to control the budget allocations of their sales reps, distributors and retailers.


For logistics, it is important to work with your customers early on the process to determine program requirements. For our customers we can coordinate shipping whether it’s directly to their retailers or global; or we can work with their logistics team. Either way we know the ropes and how to avoid potential pitfalls.


After finishing a project you need to check out the results, to see how it holds up in store and how the retailers and customers react. It is also important to think strategically and big-picture. At Evolve, as we wrap up a project, we are already conceptualizing updates, additions and line expansions.

Hopefully you can use some of these processes and ideas to make your project a success. If you would like to bring in additional help or would like to tackle a big retail display project, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to see how we can help you.

If you are interested in learning about specific successes we have had in the retail display space, click below to sign up for our case study series.

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